Monday, July 12, 2010

Toasted Tuna

So.... grilled cheese (my favorite) but my husband brought something to our union that the kids adore (even though I do not) Toasted Tuna Sandwiches!
They are very simple to make really and great on a weeknight that is hectic cause they are quick!
Prepare the bread by adding butter to one side of each slice
Mix the tuna the way you like it...for us that is:
Tuna, drained
Sweet Pickle Relish
Thats it!
Heat griddle
Add first slice of bread butter side down
Top with desired amount of tuna mixture
add top slice of bread
when bottom slice is a beautiful toasted brown flip sandwich and repeat!
My family would now drool and I would patiently wait for them to finish so that I could make grilled tuna! I like my tuna sanwiches NON grilled..thank you very much!

Serve with your favorite Tomato soup...maybe I should not go here....but....I grew up with condensed Tomato soup mixed with water and hubby grew up with it mixed with milk.... who is right..... that's completely up to you!

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