Friday, July 9, 2010

Easy BBQ Pulled Pork

First off let me say, the only thing BBQ about this is the sauce! And like other Crock Pot recipes this one has lots of stuff "tossed" in instead of measured!

In the bottom of a crock pot Toss in:
1 cut up onion
some boneless pork spareribs
salt and pepper
1 bottle of super cheap bbq sauce!
Cook on high or low for the alloted time.
Drain off most of the liquid in the crock pot.
Add your favorite BBQ sauce to taste-we like Sweet Baby Ray's Original!
Pull the pork apart to desired consistency...
Serve on your favorite sandwich roll-I toast mine first unless we can't wait!

I can see this being really good with Teriyaki sauce instead of BBQ with some pineapples tossed in for the last hour or so of cooking...but I have not tried that yet!

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