Thursday, July 15, 2010

Favorite Foodie Sites!

So, here I am posting recipes, but I rarely make up my own(and when I do, it's hard to remember what I did....). So, where did I get them? Family-that's a big one, I do have some very hard to read hand written recipes from my grandmother, also some typed on a typewriter ones too! I have begged my mom to email me things I miss from home and I have lots of "extended" family now too and I regularly poach things that I like from them. My mother in Law Lila is a huge inspiration I have most of her catering recipes!
I do however LOVE to scour the internet for inspiration and so I wanted to share some of my favorite web sites for great recipes. -yes, you can get informational
videos on how to make almost anything on Youtube!
(you can also find all those great 80's songs too!)

I have another friend thats an amazing cook and even a cooking teacher at the Adult Ed. in our area her blog is: Try the Spinach Strawberry salad it's to die for!

There are lots others, that I might visit once in a
while but these are the ones that I
use on a regular basis and find great things!
Also, once upon a time....we bought a bakery! We
were only owners for a year but I
have all the recipes here too that I pull out when
needed! I will have to post them someday!

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