Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday Scrappy Quilt

Birthday Quilt!

I had grand ideas of doing an amazing Princess quilt using fabric princesses and applique techniques! 
Time got away from me! 
Time almost always gets away from me!
Between spending hours in the car picking up and dropping off kids and working on Church jobs and helping girls make prom dresses more modest and reading books, I ran out of time.....

So, I decided to make my granddaughter a scrappy princess quilt instead!

I bought a packet of  Colorfast Fabric sheets for ink jet printers and printed out many princesses and/or loved characters for the quilt. I followed the instructions and I hope and pray that these pictures are colorfast!!

My center was a picture of my granddaughter in a "Princess and the Pea"  Photo.

Each picture was framed in fabric that either contrasted the photo or went with the princess.
I found adorable snow white and dwarf fabric so I used them for her frame.
Then I outlined each of these with this VERY COOL wood grain flannel!!

Scrappy quilts work really well with Flannel. So, for most of the fabrics on the backs of each picture we used Flannel fabrics that went with our princess, or we used some of the cotton Princess fabric.
The backs were sewn on around the picture and then around the inside of the frame.

In addition to Disney Princesses and characters I added some pictures of her sister and  aunties dressed as princesses!

Somehow this simple Lap Quilt ended up LOTS bigger than I had imagined it would!
I used up quite a bit of fabric (YAY!) now I have room for more...Just Kidding!! (Kind-of)

I imagined this quilt looking like framed pictures and I think I got that look down! Unfortunately, that meant trying to figure out how to arrange them with the middle fabrics that I had and make them look balanced while having them be all different sizes!

This took me hours and I had Melannie help me re-arrange them a few times before I figured out how to manage the balance issue! I had to sleep on it and come at it from a different angle.
I ran out of the bright pink fabric, so I had to add a second color.

The finished quilt turned out so cute and way better than I could have imagined it!

The coolest part of a scrappy quilt is how fun the BACK can turn out!!

I love it!! I know she loves it too!!
Below are the other squares: