Monday, September 6, 2010

Janey's Taco's/Burrito's

We LOVE Taco Dinner Night! We love it so much that we often have visitors that find out we are making Taco's and show up! Enjoy!

2 lbs ground beef cooked well and drained
one Cup of water and one pkg of Taco Seasoning mix
1 16oz can of Tomato Sauce
Heath through and set aside on low to keep warm
(This mixture should be runny you will see why later!)

Warm up a large can of refried beans or two or 3 smaller can's
Chop up
Grate Cheese
Pull out the sour cream and salsa and hot sauce!
Serve meat with a slotted spoon!

Serve with flour tortillas for soft taco's or Fry Flour tortillas in veg. oil for that crispier texture.
sour cream or salsas etc.

When everyone is done.....
Make Burritos!

Mix the leftover beans, with the leftover meat (this is where the sauce comes in handy)
Add about 1/3 C. Bean/meat mixture into a flour tortilla and roll,
place in 9x13 or 9x9 pan (depends on the ammt. of leftovers)
Continue till pan is full then pour the remaining mixture over the burritos (there needs to be enough to cover all the burrito's.
Add the leftover cheese to the top grate more if needed.
Cover in foil and pop in fridge till tomorrow!
Bake at 350 for 30-40 min till cooked through and bubbly.
If you are going to wait a few days to bake this wait to put the cheese on till the last 15 min of cooking.

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