Thursday, June 23, 2011

Panini Recipes Anyone?

So, We have a Panini press/grill that is large and cumbersome but....WOW.....when we use it we always wonder why we don't use it more.
Today I made something wonderful and just so that I can remember the recipe here goes:

It starts off with a quarter of a loaf of Rosemary Asiago from "fresh and easy" (Il Fornaio makes their baked items!!!)
It's kind of more like a giant chibatta than a loaf...
I sliced one quarter in half and layed it open on the bread board

Each slice got:
light mayo
heavy spread of basil pesto
1 slice of Swiss cheese
on one side 1 slice of thin ham folded
a few pieces of roasted red pepper (from a jar, enough to cover the middle as it spreads)
the other side got thin sliced tomatoes then a small handful of baby spinach leaves.
Close it up and brush each outside part with olive oil!

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