Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kevin and Kevin and Halloween 2012!

For Halloween this year we planned to meet up with Cousins Renee and BrieAnn at Disneyland and do the special "Trick or Treat" after hours event. We didn't all dress up in theme but a few of us were coordinating!

(Cousin Renee as Mrs. Potato head and Brie as Little Dead Riding

Emma decided she wanted to be "Kevin" from the Pixar movie "UP". This presented many, many challenges, for one she is only 9 and not even close to having a 3 foot neck....So, I got out my bag of tricks and started to work on her costume.

I found a good number of Feather Boa's at Gator Bob's warehouse store in Concord for only $1 ea!!! Score! I had to pay $7 for the ONE that I got in the light blue color...bah!

I made the head from Yellow Felt and had Katherine paint the end of the beak to match the photo. I then attached the head to a dollar store alligator foam costume head/hat thing! I cut off the teeth though....There is a good bit of hand sewing to get the blue felt and beak part onto the hat but it worked PERFECTLY!

I made the body of the costume by altering the Penguin costume pattern I had. It's done in Felt because it holds its shape the best. Then I meticulously hand stitched on the feather boas! Thank goodness for NCIS which I watched and watched as I sewed....
TADA!! (Brother Kevin is Russel from UP and we made him take care of Emma all night! haha)
 Her sister Avril wanted to be a Peacock, here are their costumes from the back!

Avril's costume was adorable too! I used an Lyrical Ballet costume I had in my stash and added Tule and peacock feathers that I ordered online from Hancocks Fabrics (Way Cheaper than Joanne's!)
We had her face painted at Disney's California Adventure the afternoon before! So cute!

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